What's New?

Jared: April 2010

Welcome to the team Jared! Jared will be heading up the customer service side of Partybands. Welcome to the party Jared!

Adelaide joins the party: 28 October 2009

After a few people requested bands in Adelaide - we added Adelaide as a region. If you know of any great bands in Adelaide let us know!

Increased tastiness: 20 October 2009

We changed the colours (we got sick of green). The new colour scheme is designed to have 20% greater tastiness, increase I.Q., decrease sea-sickness and triple customer happiness (actual results may vary, Bandaroo takes no responsibility for damaged or chewed screens).

Social Networking Features: 19 October 2009

As a bit of an experiment we put Bandaroo on twitter. Follow us for sweet band updates and probably plenty of unrelated banter! We'll see if twitter works out like it's supposed to...

Social Networking Features: 19 October 2009

We just added a nifty we gadget that lets you share the band you're looking at on any social networking site (like Facebook, Twitter or Myspace), bookmark the site online or email the band to yourself. This will be handy if you're planning an event and you want your friends' and family's opinion on your choice of band! The button looks like this:

Share |
and it appears at the top of every band's profile. Go to your favourite band and give it a try!

Everything: 31 August 2009

Today the beta version of the site went online - things will look a little ugly, they might not work properly - but things should start coming together very quickly! We're really excited about offering you a new, exciting service and a really easy way to find the Perfect Band for your Wedding, Party or Corporate Event.