A folk band from Melbourne. We sing traditional Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack songs at the fairs, festivals and other cultural or celebratory events.


We're a group of girls who love to sing!

Originally, we are from the various places in Russia and Ukraine and have made Melbourne our home. We're glad to be able to remind our listeners about their homeland or share our culture with Melbournians.
And what is the better way to bring our culture to life than singing our traditional folk songs? Slavic music is melodic, radiates character, tells stories, the tunes are catchy and the harmonies are limitless.

With our bright smiles and colourful costumes, clear voices - straight from the heart - and a genuine passion for singing, we have the simple but essential ingredients to create a wonderful atmosphere that more than celebrates life.

We love performing at the fairs, festivals and other cultural or celebratory events.
Carousel presents Russian, Cossack and Ukrainian songs but can create repertoire based on the request for the particular occasion.


  • Виновата ли я…
  • Порушка-Параня
  • Ой, при лужку
  • Верила верила верю
  • Что ты хочешь
  • Tум балалайка
  • Мне мама тихо говорила
  • Алеша
  • Каким ты был
  • Прощай любимый город
  • Oгонек
  • Катюша
  • Cо вечора
  • Cмуглянка
  • Старый клен
  • Вот кто-то сгорочки спустился
  • Одинокая гармонь
  • Hесе Галя воду
  • Oй то не вечер
  • Oй цветет калина

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