Crooked Grin

Crooked Grin is a 4 piece Band. We are a band that appeals to a large subset of the population – with material representing several decades of rock history you can be sure there is something here for everyone. However we are different to your average covers band. We foud the great songs other bands have missed. We play the popular stuff and the popular stuff that is often to technical for some bands to play.


The band members are in the age range of early 30’s to mid 40’s; this accentuates the bands ability to appeal to a wide audience thereby ensuring the venue will have punters coming through the doors.

With the whole band working the crowd you can be assured that a good time will be had;
Our natural chemistry, off-beat humor, stage presence, and professionalism will be sure to captivate the punters.

In addition to this, we have the rich vocal harmonies of Jeff, Bruce and Ado. Bruce as the lead singer has just the right voice to capture the mood and emotion of the songs perfectly.

Underlying this is the solid rhythmic foundation that Jamie and Ado provide; an anchor that allows Jeff to provide a sublime type of Guitar wizardry not common among typical covers acts.

Crooked Grin are suitable for many styles of venue such as pubs, clubs and the local RSL, but are flexible enough that they can cater to the smaller, more intimate venue; this may include a scaled back acoustic setup to ensure that the band can play a venue that has sound or space restrictions. As an ex Jazz drummer, Jamie is more than capable of quiet, reserved drumming. He has complete control over his volume and tempo but can take it to the next level when appropriate. He is a very big asset to us as we can play in smaller venues where sound restrictions are in place and we receive compliments rather than volume complaints.

Needless to say that the members of Crooked Grin are adept at adapting to your needs!

We cover songs from artists like Matchbox 20, Live Pearl Jam, Greenday, John Butler Trio, Kings of Leon, Powderfinger, Red hot chilli Peppers, Hoodoo Gurus, Paul Kelly, Goo Goo Dolls, Smashing Pumpkins
and many more.


  • 1. Accidentally in love
  • 2. Alive- Pearl JAm
  • 3. All In-Lifehouse
  • 4. All Over you- Live
  • 5. Alone with you- Sunny Boys
  • 7. Bad Case of Loving You-Robert Palmer
  • 8. Better days-Pete Murray
  • 9. Betterman- Pearl Jam
  • 11. Born to be Wild- Steppenwolf
  • 12. Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
  • 13. Creep- Radiohead
  • 14. December- Collective Soul
  • 15. Dumb Things –Paul Kelly
  • 16. Gold On the Ceiling- Black Keys
  • 17. How Far we've come- Matchbox 20
  • 18. How to save a life- The Frey
  • 19. I alone- Live.
  • 20. Let her cry- Hootie & the blow fish
  • 21. Lightning Crashes- Live
  • 22. Lithium-Nirvana
  • 23. Lonely boy- Black Keys
  • 24. Minority- Greenday
  • 25. Mr Jones- Counting crows
  • 26. My Sharona
  • 27. No secrets- Angels
  • 28. On my Mind- powderfinger
  • 29. Opportunity- Pete Murray
  • 30. Otherside- RHCP
  • 31. Paint it black- Rolling stones
  • 32. Paralyzer-Finger 11
  • 33. Read about it- Midnight oil
  • 34. Revolution- John Butler Trio
  • 35. Satisfaction- Rolling stones
  • 36. Selling the drama- Live
  • 37. Sex on Fire- Kings Of Leon
  • 38. Shes so mean- Matchbox 20
  • 39. Shine –collective soul
  • 40. Shit town- Live
  • 41. Smells like Teen Spirit-nirvana
  • 42. Spare Me the Details- Offspring
  • 43. Take back the city- Snow patrol
  • 44. The Break up Song- Greg Kihn Band
  • 45. The Middle
  • 46. The Sounds of Winter- Bush
  • 47. This is how a heart breaks-Rob Thomas
  • 48. Throw your arms around me- hunters
  • 49. Use Somebody- Kings Of Leon
  • 50. What's my scene- Hoodoo Gurus
  • 51. When I come around- Greenday
  • 52. Wild World- Cat Stevens
  • 53. Wish you were here-Pink Floyd
  • 54. Wonderwall- Oasis
  • 55. World I know- Collective Soul

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