With all original tunes and lyrics, John definitely belongs to the genre of country rock. With his gravelly voice and original lyrics he entertains with a mixture of catchy tunes and social commentary. Growing up in the 50s 60s And 70s, John accepted his musical destiny at an early age. As reflected in his song, "Guitar Player" from the age of 12, he spent hours listening to music of the time, and teaching himself to replicate it. During the 1980s and 90 s he and his musical partner of the time were well known entertainers in the Sunshine Coast hinterland music scene, performing mainly cover gigs most weekends. Eventually John began experimenting with his own composures using everything from classic Country Rock and Pop to Reggae., His lyrics reflect his personal take and or social comment on whatever captures his imagination. "We Need Change" is a good example of this . With a healthy combination of both respect and scepticism, John has transitioned from his various employment roles into the music scene and has emerged a talented composer of contemporary Country Rock with a distinctive Australian flavour.



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