• $200 - $480
  • Styles: Jazz Blues
  • Hometown: Brisbane

I am a one man guitar show, if you like to see new and crazy things accomplished on the guitar, then I invite you to experience some great entertainment. I lighten the mood with slow melody intros and build into mind blowing Flamenco/Blues infusions.

Ive been playing for 15+ years and have all been self taught. I have picked up various styles along the way from other musicians and also some spanish lessons here and there that have grown into a lot more than your everyday flamenco.
I have a just finished a full length Jazz album I wrote and recorded in Canada while playing alongside some well known musicians like Holly Burke, Dino Dinicolo and Vancouver composer Bill Runge.
Ive played around British Columbia the last couple years with a Jazz singer and have recently moved back to the Gold Coast where I plan to play my new material I write on a daily basis and re-form my A New Light album I have just released.


  • All original compositions

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