Advanced level musicianship, Female vocals and guitar oriented high energy rock, offering a professional live performance to remember. Our past clients have included NOKIA, Wedding receptions, Motorcycle club AGMS, a Steam Punk Themed Event and all manner of gigs in between. MR THUD deliver an interactive upbeat fun evening, themed on 80's and 90's hard rock and providing some great photo opportunities for you to be immortalised against the backdrop of our huge wall of Marshall speakers and large drumkit. Make your birthday party or corporate event one to remember. MR THUD offer an engaging show proven to get ages 20-80 on the dance floor, Were an interactive group that will energise your party, not background entertainment.

Mr Thud.. I could fill the page with superlatives but one covers it. AWESOME!

Kevin Finglas
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MR THUD have performed for large corporate customers, such as Nokia, private Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Club AGMs and Public events such as Festivals and Pub Gigs. No venue is to large or small... provided we can fit the drum kit! and the audience love energetic rock music.
We are reliable, respectful and adopt a professional attitude honouring our commitments.

MR THUD are all advanced level hard rock musicians, we absolutely love what we do and the opportunity to share that passion for great live music with audiences.

The band offer a combined set which includes our take and arrangement of cover versions and also some of our own recently recorded originals to mix things up a little.

Based on your requirements MR THUD can offer a package including 75% covers and 25% recent originals.
Our covers are typically selected from 80's, 90's hard rock bands and then given our re-energised arrangement to suit a modern audiences.

We intentionally don't pick covers that all the other bands play, so please be aware that we don't play tired old standard 'classic' pub rock tracks, that audiences will have heard time and time again. Instead we prefer to differentiate ourselves a little from and give audiences something a little 'non traditional', yet hopefully accessible, both visually and audibly.
Expect to hear anything from an upbeat take on the Beatles, Animals, Journey, Queen or even Boston through to Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest and Dio. We also pick more current bands to cover too like Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, My Chemical Romance and more.

So if you would like to book a hard rock band and have a positive, upbeat and fun evening to remember then book MR THUD, you wont regret it.

If photos are your thing then you will have the opportunity to get some snaps with MR THUDs FULL BACKLINE which consists of a huge WALL of MARSHALL speakers and an equally impressive large rock drumkit to match.

Make your corporate event or birthday party one to remember with a true rock show experience!!

The MR THUD Line up:
VOCALS : by Irish vocalist, Caroline Bradley.
GUITAR: by Irish guitarist, Gerard Loughran.
DRUMS: by Scottish skin beater, Craig Wilson
BASS: by what his peers consider to be an AUSSIE legend, Glen Eva.
*All are more than comfortable on any stage in the spotlight.*

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Our set list changes regularly, but for some examples of artists we currently cover - in a modern upbeat way :
  • Tenacious D, Journey, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Iron Maiden, Faith no More…
  • ….through to Beatles, Police, Joan Jett, Offspring, MCR and Muse etc.
  • Covers are almost always modified and modernised for party fun! We do stay true to the original vocal melodies to keep things familiar, but other than that nothing is sacred ;) We are equally comfortable adding modern uptempo rhythms and riffs to a Beatles, Police or Journey track as we are adding a light middle eight or soft intro to something by Judas Priest. Our interpretation makes for an accessible, engaging and enjoyable evening irrespective of your age.


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Mr Thud.. I could fill the page with superlatives but one covers it. AWESOME!
Kevin Finglas
You guys played for my club and out woop woop for a mates 40'th. Saw you both times, youse were great to watch, would go see you again. When you playing next? Give Beano or Des a yell, the AGM is coming up.
Martin Heinz (Beano)
We seen Mr Thud at the new years eve party at Tarampa Tavern and they rocked the place! They where so nice, spending the time during their breaks to talk to everyone in the crowd. They where really into what they where doing and everyone there loved it!!! Would love to see them again! -Jess
Jessica O'Donnell
We booked MR THUD for our Christmas Party in the Stamford Plaza. The guys put on an outstanding show and we would certainly recommend them for your corporate event. Kimmo Halla NOKIA

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