Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream “Recurring Dream” is a Solo act dedicated to bringing the terrific music of Crowded House, Split Enz and the Finn brothers to as many current fans and new listeners as possible. > With Split Enz a distant past and Crowded House only appearing occasionally, people who have grown up with the sounds of these wonderful musicians have no avenue by which to hear those memorable melodies in a live context. The name "Recurring Dream" was taken from the award winning 'best of'album by Crowded House, that we give away to one lucky winner at each performance. With Recurring Dream that is exactly what you get—all the hits from Split Enz, Crowded House and the Finn Bros played by a solid band of seasoned and respected musicians. The show goes for two sets,both approximately 45 to 50 minutes. So get ready for some foot stomping good times when Recurring Dream comes to your venue / function.

Band members include:

Dale Ryan - vocals / guitar / percussion


  • 1. Sinner
  • 2. Not the girl
  • 3. Distant Sun
  • 4. Into temptation
  • 5. She will have her way
  • 6. Fall at your feet
  • 7. Four seasons
  • 8. Better be home soon
  • 9. Last One Standing
  • 10. Message to my girl
  • 11. One step ahead
  • 12. Pineapple Head
  • 13. World where you live
  • 14. Mean to me
  • 15. I got you
  • 16. Poor Boy
  • 17. Something so strong
  • 18. Fingers of Love
  • 19. History Never Repeats
  • 20. Weather with you
  • 21. It’s only natural
  • 22. Sister Madly
  • 23. Now we’re getting somewhere
  • 24. Don’t dream it’s over
  • 25.Leaky Boat
  • 26.Fraction too much Friction
  • 27.Dirty Creature
  • 28.When you come
  • 29. I hope I never
  • 30. Throw your arms around me

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