The Conscious Pilots

The Conscious Pilots are a latin jazz infused hip hop group with aviational themes to take your party, function or wedding sky high!

Imagine that you're floating in a sea of sound, surrounded by ebbing layers of double bass and drum kit synchronicity, a classical guitar - playful and smooth - soars like an elegant albatross in conversation with the perfectly timed pimp-punctual cuts of turntables and sampling seagulls overhead. Deep within this ocean you hear the sonic echoes of saxophonic whale calls, rising and falling like waves lapping at the shores of surreptitiously inspirational verse....

Patrick Harris (double bass/synths), Will Henderson (guitar) and Daniel Saddleton (drums) first realised the soaring possibilities whilst jamming at the urban art gallery “Oh Really”. After discovering a refreshingly smooth flow of conscious correlation, the trio were joined by DJ (and professional violinist) Michael Bennett. With a late addition to the crew in the form of MC/Saxophonist Vuli Mkwananzi The Conscious Pilots took flight.

The Conscious Pilots diverse talents and desire to create a fresh new sound gave birth to aviational-jazz-hop. The five sky masters travel through genres as if they were perpetually circumnavigating the musical globe, infusing their jazz groove base with Oz Hip-Hop, Andalusian flamenco, Latin tumbao, drum and bass and bee bop. Hailing from Bellingen and Armidale NSW to Zimbabwe, Africa each member of The Conscious Pilots brings to the crew unique talents and a musical C.V. that belies their easy charm.

Recently finishing a tour to the snowfields in Perisher NSW, featuring in the SBS tv series “Swift and Shift Couriers”, and performing for the international “Diesel U Music” scheme, the five are showing no signs of jet lag. Based in Sydney, The Conscious Pilots are looking forward to landing near you soon.


  • Anything from jazz, latin and hip hop repertiore,
  • Requests need 2 weeks of preparation

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