Wooky Hollow

Wooky Hollow is a dynamic four piece band from Western Sydney that writes and preforms both original and cover songs. They are known for there energetic live performances and are well followed by their fans


Wooky hollow have preformed at the regatta centre Australia day concerts on the main stage in 2008-9 and comeing up 2010, have also played at:
Mulgoa festival
Wallacia festival
Penrith City festival
Penrith city council open day
Blacktown City festival 08
Many pubs and clubs in the NSW area.
Wooky hollow write original rock songs like no other and are starting to gain a lot of attention in the west for there song writing abilities.
When preforming their cover shows Wooky Hollows takes their audience on a time journey bringing back the best songs from the last three decades from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Choir boys, Fall out boy, The living end and many more.
They have been formed now for the past 8 years. The band is made up of 5 members Neil Perry on drums, Brian Rudd on guitar, Brian Fisher on bass and well known vocalist Lisa Perry on vocals. The fifth member Glen our sound man who also runs a mean dance DJ in brakes
They also perform an acoustic set for that quite time at the start of the night


  • To many to list,-----QUEEN, I Want it all, One Vision, Tie Your Mother Down. Bon Jovi Livin on a Prayer,
  • Led Zepplin Whole Lotta Love, Rock"n"Roll Heatbraker, Imigrant song,
  • Summer of 69
  • Run to paradise
  • Prisoner
  • Wishing Well
  • Alright Now
  • Hurts so Good
  • Shook Me all Night long
  • Hit Me with Your Best Shot
  • Road House Blues
  • Am I Ever going to see your face again
  • Sweet home Alabama
  • Paranoid
  • Walkin
  • Thanks for the memories
  • Original Set "Rock"
  • Original Set "Acoustic"
  • And on it goes ETC ETC,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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